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CloudPlex is basically a cloud management and orchestration platform from where you can effectively manage complex cloud environments and even mix and match public and private clouds to meet your business needs. You can deploy and manage different kind of services, which include modern Docker based applications and traditional Chef services. In addition to this, the platform also provides other useful features like cost estimation, financial control, autoscaling of applications etc.


A cluster is a group of machines instances or nodes on which the services can be deployed. Using CloudPlex, cluster can be formed on AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, On-Premise, and a hybrid of AWS and On-Premise.


AMI provides all the necessary information to launch an instance, which is a virtual server in the cloud. The main component of an AMI is a read-only file system which includes an operating system e.g. Linux, Windows etc. It can also include any other software required to deliver a service. Any number of instances can be launched using an AMI. Using this menu you can create an image for AWS and Azure.


Services are basically independent, complete and autonomous services that can be programmed in different languages and work as a standalone, separate unit. These standalone units can then be put together to form an application. These microservices (services in CloudPlex) are the one that gets deployed in the cloud. Although they need to be first put into a package.


A package is a collection of services. These services can be of different types as well e.g. Chef, API, Docker, Script etc. The purpose of package is to collect the services together so that dependencies (order in which the services will be executed) can be created. It is necessary for some of the services to use the results produced by some other service, e.g. API, in that case dependency graph would make sure that the independent service will be executed first followed by the dependent service.


Networking deals with the configuration related to a network. Network is important for the connectivity of resources and sharing of information over the internet. In order to establish a connection among different nodes, a proper network configuration is required. Network configuration is necessary to detail the type of connection that will be established with the nodes.


Project and the environment (which comes under the heading of project) is where all the previous modules cluster, network, package will be configured together and the services will be deployed on the nodes. The purpose of the project is to use the cluster, packages, network and deploy the services after detailed configuration. The other features of the CloudPlex platform like financial charges, costing etc. also use data based on projects and most of the tracking on the platform is done based on projects.

Chef Environment

The environment can be created and stored on the server. These stored environments can be used to pass parameters to all the cookbooks collectively while creating a chef service. This would make it easy to pass parameters by selecting the stored environments instead of manually passing the parameters every time you create a service.


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