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Continuous Delivery of Docker based Microservices in the Cloud

Architecting and deploying a modern web application is a daunting task, and as applications grow the problem gets more difficult. Using state-of-the-art deployment strategies can help you manage that complexity and make your life a lot easier. Splitting large applications up into microservices, and deploying them using Docker and a continuous delivery strategy is one common way of mitigating the complexity of modern applications. Continue reading “Continuous Delivery of Docker based Microservices in the Cloud”

Big Data as a Service with CloudPlex

While most businesses know they should be making use of big data technologies in some way, it’s often difficult to know how you should get started. After all, there are a lot of decisions to be made about which stack to use, what hardware configurations to use, and how to monitor and service a large-scale big data setup. Often times, companies will take on the challenge of setting up Hadoop or Spark themselves, only to realize later on that their setup is brittle and difficult to monitor and maintain. Continue reading “Big Data as a Service with CloudPlex”