Helping organizations transform, innovate, and reduce time to value

Our consultants are ready to take on your challenge. We provide strategy, design, development, and deployment expertise to augment your organization’s resources. We can educate, advise and empower your organization. We can also provide project management and technical support for your transformation to the cloud, data migration, and management. Combining CloudPlex platform with support  from our experts, is a great way to expedite your implementation.

Let us help you:

– Develop strategy and architecture for scale, security and business continuity
– Support your data migration, transformation and management
– Plan and implement continuous delivery of enterprise applications
– Design, develop and deploy your Big Data applications into the cloud


We believe that your technology organization exists to enable the business to react quicker to market forces, and out-innovate the competition. We view your technology organization as your digital-factory, where value is created and revenue is generated.

Our consulting team helps you continuously look for new ways to break down silos, remove bottlenecks, and eliminate inefficiencies.

We can help you get your innovative ideas through the application lifecycle and into production faster and consistently.  We work with you to develop your business continuity strategy, plan and help  implement it.  We help eliminate operational challenges and reduce operating costs, so you can focus and spend on business growth.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery is an essential feature of  modern web applications.  More frequent releases actually make it a  lot easier to deliver rapidly changing customer requirements instead of delaying releases for a lengthy interval of time. Through the continuous release process, you can minimize the business risk of delivering a requirement which may have become obsolete over a lengthy period of time.

You also avoid big, failure-prone releases, and  build on your code incrementally.  With continuous delivery, applications are a series of snapshots delivered incrementally that allow you to easily identify where potential issues were introduced. If you trickle in commits one-at- a-time, you can easily find exactly when  bad code gets released, and roll it back with just a single reversion.

We have built the CloudPlex platform around continuous delivery.  We possess deep expertise in using Jenkins, GitHub, and similar tools to build continuous delivery pipelines and the use of Docker containers and Kubernetes to deliver microservices.  Our consultants have deep expertise in planning and implementing continuous delivery solutions internally, and for external customers.  We leverage this expertise to help your organization prepare for and implement a continuous delivery model for your web applications.

Cloud Services

CloudPlex provides services and solutions to assist your business in benefitting from the cloud.  Our consultants can assist you is strategy, planning and implementation for moving your applications from a traditional data center to the Private, Public or Hybrid cloud.

If business reasons compel your organization to build a private cloud, CloudPlex consultants will help you select the right technologies – which is a critical yet complex undertaking.  We help you devise a cloud strategy and architecture with consideration for throughput, latency, security, user experience, and total cost of ownership – and we can help your team with the implementation.

We possess deep expertise in AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud technologies. Our consultants are well versed on how to implement your complex architecture and network configurations within these clouds.  We help you formulate policies for better management and and control of your resources. To help you achieve your financial goals, we can help you with finer-grained views and control of your financial charges.

Enterprises may choose to rely on hybrid clouds due to business, legal, security or privacy reasons. We help with strategies, architecture, design and implementation to set-up a secure and robust hybrid cloud.

Data Center Migration

Business may move their applications to the cloud for higher scalability, cost-efficiency and better application performance. However, migration to the  cloud is a complex process which requires comprehensive planning and due diligent deliberation.

If your Enterprise is looking  to migrate from on-premise data centers to the  public cloud, businesses need to plan and execute the migration of infrastructure, applications and data..CloudPlex can help you with planning, execution, and risk mitigation during this effort.

A solid migration plan acts as a guide or checklist to ensure a successful journey to the cloud, considering factors including consideration of existing investments in your data center, and application portability and performance impacts,  During the transitional state where both cloud and on prem data center will be operational, there will be the need to establish secure communications between the cloud-based virtual network and the on-premises network.

CloudPlex can assist in formulating access control policies, and help architect, design and configure secure networks. Our consultants will provide the guidance needed to achieve secure external access and authenticated, secure communications between application components.and data storage, and  at-rest date data encryption. We also develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans, and help with implementation.

Docker Services

Docker allows you to build a scalable architecture out of container building blocks, but it takes cutting-edge tools to manage large groups of containers. Google built Kubernetes, an open-source project to manage very large number of containers.  Combining Docker with DevOps tools like Kubernetes allows you to manage hundreds of servers as easily as you’d manage a single one.

Docker and Kubernetes technologies offer numerous business benefits including business agility, reduced time to market, ability to scale, maintainability, and lower cost of ownership. Therefore, the move from traditional VM workload to Container based workload is justified.  However, this transition is complex, and mastering the new technologies and processes involves a steep learning curve for the DevOps teams.

The CloudPlex team possesses deep expertise in Docker and Kubernetes technologies, being one of the earliest adopters of these technologies, being the first in industry to offer Docker based Big Data services orchestrated by Kubernetes .

CloudPlex consultants can assist your DevOps team by providing pre-built Docker containers, and help build custom Docker containers. We can also design and set-up completely automated processes to build and deploy your custom Docker container based applications in the cloud.

Data Management

Managing large amounts of data presents one of the biggest challenges for today’s Enterprise. Users  need access to high-quality, relevant data, provided in a timely and cost-effective manner. Access to high quality and accurate data is necessary for the applications and services needed to make effective business decisions.

CloudPlex consultants possess deep expertise in, and are available to assist in managing data throughout its lifecycle. We can help with your data integration projects, including data exploration, and ingestion from various data sources, technologies and formats.. We can assist with your data quality assurance initiatives including data cleansing, and transformation. Our consultants can help design your data pipelines and data lakes. We provide architecture and design of real time streaming data processing including data from sensors, devices, social media, and event data.

We also offer expertise in data governance, and help set and enforce policies to establish a consistent view of your data.

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